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Lend us your voice so that we can make GitHub better for people like you.

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Sign up to participate

When you sign up to join the program, we’ll ask you to fill out some information about yourself and how you do or don’t use GitHub. The information you provide will help our customer research team match you to particular studies.

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Get invited

From time to time, we’ll invite you to take part in a study, we’ll give you all the details about time, location, and method. Many sessions take place online, others are held in person at our office or yours. It's up to you when and where you participate.

Share your story

You might be asked to share your experience with one of our products, tell us about how you work, test new designs, or complete a survey. Good or bad, we want to hear your feedback. By taking part in research, you’ll help us build and refine GitHub to better meet your needs.

Frequently asked questions

How much time will it take?

The time varies depending on the type of research study. An online or in-person appointment typically lasts 30-60 minutes. Sessions will almost always happen during business hours. Other times you’ll be invited to complete a survey which you can complete when it suits you within a given time-range. We’ll always provide you with an estimate of the time involved beforehand.

Where does research happen?

Many of our studies are done in San Francisco, but we also do remote studies where we can chat with you over the phone or a computer. We also visit different cities to talk with people in person.

Can I opt out?

Yes! You can decline any invitation, or email us if you’d like to opt-out of our research program entirely.

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I don't use GitHub, can I still sign up?

Yes! We want to hear from current users as well as people who aren’t familiar with GitHub. Sometimes a fresh perspective is just what we’re looking for.

Do I need to be a developer?

No. Software development teams with people from all kinds of different roles use GitHub: developers, data scientists, QA specialists, product owners, designers, system administrators and more. We welcome your participation!

Who will have access to my information?

All your personal information will be kept confidential. It will only be accessible by the GitHub Customer Experience Research team, consistent with our Terms of Service.

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